We Via Differently

We Via Differently

Up to 68% of carbon emissions in the wine industry come from packaging and transport. Viavino is offering Italian wine lovers a more sustainable option than traditional glass bottles. 

Glass?! Oh Madonna

Made from mostly plant-based materials, our eco-friendly packaging is up to 75% renewable and 100% recyclable.

Bottles are for bambinos!

A carton’s carbon footprint is up to 87% smaller than traditional glass wine bottles and less than cans.

Planet Friendly Please

Viavino is made in an Equalitas 3E Certified Sustainable Winery that operates on 100% self-produced green electricity.

Certified Sustainable

Equalitas 3e sustainable winery

Environmental • Ethical • Economical

Our winery adheres to the stringent Environmental, Ethical, and Economical (3E) sustainability standards of Equalitas.

We're part of a cooperative model that embraces a circular economy, where by-products from winemaking are repurposed for creating other valuable products, such as renewable energy and soil nutrients. This not only enhances environmental sustainability but also adds economic value for the members of the cooperative.

Say 'Si!' to cartons

This Life Cycle Assessment study found cartons have the lowest - or equal to lowest - carbon footprint in nearly all scenarios of all packaging assessed, regardless of whether they are recycled.

Why Cartons?

Why Cartons?